Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Office Supplies Roundup

For today's Office Supplies Roundup I decided to visit 'Staples', mainly because 'Staples' seems to be the only office supplies store I can FIND anymore – am I going NUTS?

First on my list, I thought I might buy some Post-its . . . but because I only wanted to buy about twenty Post-its, not 14,000 Post-its, I decided to leave the Post-its for another time.

Good news! Staples has finally started selling clamp binders as an alternative to fussy three-ring binders! I like clamp binders! Bravo Staples! Bravissimo! Hurrah! Staples is my friend!

BAD news! Staples has STOPPED selling the PMOP porous-tip pen, heretofore used by famous cartoon animators and designers [link]. Staples, you suck! Staples is dirty and stinks! If anyone knows where PMOP pens can still be purchased, please contact me!

Finally, I broke down and bought a pair of Panasonic headphones with posh shiny white parts (also available in black). I have only seen these headphones at Staples, and they cost about fifty dollars. PRODUCT REVIEW: These headphones are pretty good although sometimes they make my ears sweat. So if you like music, and if you think 'Sweaty Ears' might be a cool nickname, these are the headphones for you!
"Hey, are we going to pick up Sweaty Ears on the way to the party?"
"Yesss!! Sweaty Ears is awesome!!!"

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