Monday, March 31, 2008

Early Bird

Sunday Star Sketch

Richard Widmark  1914 – 2008
THANKS, RICHARD!  For being in movies!
P.S.  I thought you would be easy to draw, but you aren't!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Insect Friends

Here is the cartoon bee character I created, and his neighbours. Unfortunately some idiot came up with 'Bee Movie', so there is no hope for my bee!

(Drawn from a dramatic angle.)

(The bag is full of comics.)

(All of her husbands disappear.)

Bobby Beetle, Bobby Beetle, Bobby Beetle . . .

I stole the idea for Pants Ant from my friend Karolina – but I have tons of other ideas . . .

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leonard's Apartment

Another idea my friend Karolina had for some animated cartoons was 'Leonard's Apartment'. Specifically this is the story of the things that live in the apartment, and their frustration with having to live there. (Leonard is a bit of a loser.)

These little things could be BIG cartoon stars! – you never know!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Cartoons

It turns out my call display wasn't saying "HOLD: DISNEY" yesterday, actually I was looking at my CD player and it was saying "NO DISC". Perhaps I am turning into Mister Magoo? So I'm kind of depressed, but here are some more ideas for animation cartoon characters - these ones will be good for little children:

I designed this little boy as a sort of knock-off of Caillou, who is a popular cartoon character. Except, my little boy character has some hair (Caillou doesn't have hair). I can't remember why I called my little boy 'Posu'.

My boy char. does things like learning to tie his shoes, learning not to run while drinking milk - basically the stuff I'm trying to learn in my own life.

This is not a drawing of two boys - it's two drawings, from different angles, of the same boy - a design trick I've learned in the animation business.

Here is a little girl who is Posu's friend. I gave her a backpack for a contemporary touch!

My friend Karolina said, why don't you draw some Sigglywigs and Gerwuddles? I did a Google search and was astonished to find that those names hadn't already been thought of by people in England who have fantasy and nonsense types of blogs. So I drew some Sigglywigs and Gerwuddles. . . .

I figured the Sigglywigs like to run around and have fun and they eat fiberglass insulation from walls. . .

. . . while the Gerwuddles try to read a book, but they don't understand the book, so they buy a cheap DVD from a bin at the supermarket, but the DVD is stupid. . . .

The Sigglywigs get married and have Sigglywig babies and they go on car trips and see giant waterfalls and other sights . . .

. . . while the Gerwuddles just hang out in their tiny apartments under a bush, and they put stuff on their blog, and they forgot to put the garbage out this week so the apartment is getting smelly . . . actually these characters are getting a little too close to home . . . but I will continue tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Doomed Cartoons

I haven't been able to find any examples of portfolio-quality cartoon animation - but I did find some old cartoon ideas I have never been able to sell - not so far, anyways.

First up is The Generic Bug Show. Here is one of the generic bugs eating in a restaurant. He or she is lonely.

Here is another generic bug, in his/her apartment. This cartoon idea never caught on, maybe because all the characters are vermin and they all look exactly the same. Anyways I learned lot from this.

Next up is three dogs who are friends. Here they are on a holiday in Mexico. Note that they are not vermin and do not all look the same!

This is The Mighty Loofah, a megalomaniacal sponge. Unfortunately, since I drew this, someone else came up with a sponge cartoon character that has become quite popular - so I don't think there is much hope for my sponge.

Here is The Mighty Loofah's friend, Wiggy Pumice. He/she is basically a pumice stone with hair stuck on.

For years I've been wanting to make an animated cartoon about a bee, but recently somebody came up with an animated feature called 'Bee Movie', so I don't think my bee character will get anywhere. I have some more bee sketches - I'll try to put them on the blog soon.

Cute pandas are maybe overly-abundant in cartoonland these days . . . anyway this is my cute panda, he is called Randy Panda. He is one of those guys who for some reason is irresistible to the opposite sex. His catch phrase is, "Would you like to come back to my apartment for some spaghetti?"

Here is a 'cartoon couple'. What a goofy useless loafer, and how did he get a pretty glove for a girlfriend? Hmm, these two characters remind me of a real-life couple I know - actually, they remind me of EVERY real-life couple I know.

This little girl basically just has a crappy life. No producers seemed interested in this character? . . .

My next character is Swiss Fish. Actually this is a Canadian fish who is pretending to be Swiss because he thinks it's 'cool' . . .

but he can't even find Switzerland on a map . . .

and he has no idea how to milk a cow! Foolish fish!

Well, now that these cartoon characters are on a blog, who knows? An animation producer might notice them, and - WAIT! - What's that on my call display? - "HOLD: DISNEY." So long - I have to take a call! See ya! . . .