Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Cartoons

It turns out my call display wasn't saying "HOLD: DISNEY" yesterday, actually I was looking at my CD player and it was saying "NO DISC". Perhaps I am turning into Mister Magoo? So I'm kind of depressed, but here are some more ideas for animation cartoon characters - these ones will be good for little children:

I designed this little boy as a sort of knock-off of Caillou, who is a popular cartoon character. Except, my little boy character has some hair (Caillou doesn't have hair). I can't remember why I called my little boy 'Posu'.

My boy char. does things like learning to tie his shoes, learning not to run while drinking milk - basically the stuff I'm trying to learn in my own life.

This is not a drawing of two boys - it's two drawings, from different angles, of the same boy - a design trick I've learned in the animation business.

Here is a little girl who is Posu's friend. I gave her a backpack for a contemporary touch!

My friend Karolina said, why don't you draw some Sigglywigs and Gerwuddles? I did a Google search and was astonished to find that those names hadn't already been thought of by people in England who have fantasy and nonsense types of blogs. So I drew some Sigglywigs and Gerwuddles. . . .

I figured the Sigglywigs like to run around and have fun and they eat fiberglass insulation from walls. . .

. . . while the Gerwuddles try to read a book, but they don't understand the book, so they buy a cheap DVD from a bin at the supermarket, but the DVD is stupid. . . .

The Sigglywigs get married and have Sigglywig babies and they go on car trips and see giant waterfalls and other sights . . .

. . . while the Gerwuddles just hang out in their tiny apartments under a bush, and they put stuff on their blog, and they forgot to put the garbage out this week so the apartment is getting smelly . . . actually these characters are getting a little too close to home . . . but I will continue tomorrow!

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